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Resolution 5: A Vision for the Future of Co-operative Housing in Canada

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CHF Canada Board of Directors                                        


Tim Ross

Director, Strategic Affairs

311 – 225 Metcalfe Street

Ottawa, ON   K2P 1P9

Tel.: (800) 465-2752


This resolution is for the meeting of:
✓ all CHF Canada members
Ontario Members


  1. THAT CHF Canada adopt the Vision Framework for the future of the Canadian Co‑operative Housing Movement, and consider the Vision Framework for CHF Canada’s next strategic plan;
  2. AND THAT CHF Canada encourage its members and partners to adopt the Vision Framework.


  1. At the 2016 Annual General Meeting in Hamilton, members adopted A Vision for the Future of the Co-operative Housing Movement in Canada. The resolution asked CHF Canada to lead a dialogue with its member housing co-operatives and regional federations to develop a vision for the future of co-operative housing in Canada. The process, called Our Movement, Our Future invited members to engage in a national dialogue through an online platform and face-to-face discussions at regional events and spring member forums.
  2. The thoughts, ideas and themes shared by members across Canada provided a rich base on which a new vision could be built. At the 2017 AGM, members adopted Moving Forward on a Vision for the Future of Co-operative Housing in Canada. It called on CHF Canada to draw on the results of the Our Movement, Our Future consultations, to lead a visioning process for the future success of the movement, and to present the vision for approval at the 2018 AGM.
  3. CHF Canada worked closely with regional federations throughout 2017 and early 2018 to build on the results of earlier consultations. New and established co-op leaders from across Canada came together for a two-day summit to share, listen, and identify the major issues, themes and future aspirations of the movement. This resulted in the drafting of the Vision Framework, which sets out a shared agenda for inclusive, sustainable growth of co-operative housing in Canada.
  1. Our movement is facing significant internal and external shifts, and we need a waypoint to direct our collective efforts into the future. The Vision Framework is designed to:
    1. inspire our movement at all levels,
    2. challenge us to consider our everyday actions and decisions in support of a higher ideal,
    3. engage us in a broader perspective of imagining “what can be,”
    4. support our individual and collective efforts towards growth and change,
    5. elevate our sense of “who we are, and the good we are doing.”
  1. The Vision Framework belongs to the movement, and is meant to be a living document, with applicability at all levels of our movement. Feedback was gathered on the Framework throughout the winter and spring of 2018, and is attached to this resolution in its latest form.


Resources for strategic planning are included in CHF Canada’s operating budgets.