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Financial Resolutions For 2018 Annual General Meeting

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2017 Audited Financial Statements

WE RESOLVE THAT the audited financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2017 be received.

Appointment of Auditors

WE RESOLVE THAT the firm Marcil Lavallée be appointed external auditors of the Co‑operative Housing Federation of Canada to hold office until the close of the next annual meeting.

2018 Budgets and 2019 Summary Operating Forecast

WE RESOLVE THAT the 2018 budgets for Operations and the National Endowment Fund, as finalized by the Board of Directors, and the 2019 summary financial forecast, be received.

2019 Schedule of Dues

WE RESOLVE THAT the attached schedule of member and associate dues rates for 2019 be adopted.




Housing Co-ops $4.45 per unit per month (up from $4.35 in 2018)
Housing Co-ops Under Development $129 per year (up from $126 from 2018)
Student Housing Co-ops $9.10 per bed per year (up from $8.90 in 2018)
Resource Groups $344 per year (up from $336 in 2018)
Sponsoring Organizations $1,098 per year (up from $1,073 in 2018)
All Other Voting Members $344 per year (up from $336 in 2018)



Organizational $344 per year (up from $336 in 2018)
Individual $129 per year (up from $126 in 2018)