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Member Education Forum

June 7 – 8

Join us in our 50th year of engaging our members with interactive and dynamic educational workshops. As we reflect on our co-op accomplishments over the past half-century, we are also focusing on the future: a future where our co-ops are well governed with long-term plans to ensure healthy co-op communities and viable co-op businesses; a future where we have more co-op housing from growth and development that starts with you!

Be sure to check out the workshop topic streams to help you choose the right balance and you’ll be on your way to sustaining the long-term viability of your co-op’s business and community. Whether you are new to your board, need a refresher or are interested in tackling emerging issues, we’ve got you covered! Come meet and connect with co-operators from across Canada and leave inspired!

 Workshop Schedule Download Full Schedule  Download Workshop Materials

Planning workshops are sponsored by The Agency for Co-operative Housing 
Growth & Development workshops are sponsored by BC Housing